We offer an array of services to help develop our students’ suitability for the marketplace.

Career Counseling

Dedicated career counselors are available to guide our students on every stage of their career planning.

Career Profiling

Take the opportunity to do a career inventory and have a counselor guide you at every stage. MBA students have free access to Careerleader, a web-based comprehensive career assessment tool based on over 20 years of scientific research, which is used by over 400 leading business schools worldwide.

Career Resource Centre

We have stocked our Career Resource Centre with a wide array of career materials on career choices, DIY kits on resume and cover letter writing, books on personal development skills and recruitment brochures from hiring organisations. Students are free to pop by the Career Resource Centre (located within the BIZ Career Services) anytime during office hours to browse through the material.

We also subscribe to the entire online libraries of Vault.com and Wetfeet.com (two of the best career resource libraries available to business school students), and make them available to our students. Students also have access to Goinglobal.com, a resource for researching opportunities in other countries around the world.

NUS BIZ Symplicity Portal

With NUS BIZ Symplicity, students can personalisetheir profile, view exclusive internships and job postings, RSVP for events, opt-in to CV books, book an appointment online with career advisors, record a mock interview video and apply for credit bearing internships etc. wherever they are.

Students can also activate and scan via their mobile for E-Attendance at all Career Services’ events and workshops with their new NUS virtual card.

Recruitment Activities

Campus recruitment presentations and industry panel discussions are organized to help our students identify a firm’s culture, working style, people and ethics. These are all important information to know before embarking on a career path.

Networking Sessions

Network your way to a job effectively. At BIZ Career Services, we work closely with recruiters to identify suitable hires for long and short-term hires. Whether you are graduating or looking for an internship, we put you in touch with recruiters on an informal basis. You never know, you may walk away with a job with your schmoozing skills!


Click here to get your customized namecards printed. You should always have your namecards with you when you attend recruitment events and networking sessions.

Resume Compilation

A sought-after resource by recruiters. We compile the resumes of our graduating classes to enhance their employability.

Personal Development & Career Management

Attend our flagship preparatory program which helps you to navigate your way to success in the corporate world. Learn about the finer side of business etiquette and corporate dressing; job search strategies, self-awareness, resume writing, interviewing and networking techniques, among other tips.

Enrichment Workshops

Attend workshop sessions, ranging from body language to wine appreciation, organised throughout the year.

Publicity Blasters

Receive emails & SMS alerts on internship and job opportunities, career events and enrichment workshops. These alerts provide our students with early access to important information.