At BIZ Career Services, we give our students the opportunity to embark on dynamic internships with global banks and multinational corporations across different industries.

Beyond Singapore, we have successfully placed our students in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, United States, Mauritius, Thailand and Vietnam.

Although internship is not compulsory for BBA students, we strongly encourage our students to participate in internships, to get a headstart in their careers.

For students pursuing the BBA (Accountancy) programme, it is an academic requirement to complete a mandatory 10-week accounting or finance related internship in their third year, after completing five semesters of coursework. Biz Career Services works very closely with the Big Four as well as other accounting firms to source for suitable opportunities for our Accountancy students to fulfill this requirement. For more information on the compulsory internship for BBA (Accountancy) students, please click here.

Through the internship programme, many of our students have landed their dream jobs, way before they graduate. Here are some fine examples:

NUS Business School Produces All Rounders

Xingyu impressed JPMorgan so much during internship that she was offered a role as Analyst after her attachment.

Toh Xingyu
JP Morgan Chase, Analyst

Xingyu performed an internship with JPMorgan Chase Bank when she was in her second year at NUS Business School. Describing her experience to be “valuable and rewarding”, she says that even as an intern, she was empowered by her bosses. “I conducted one credit risk appraisal for a leading multinational in the Process Management industry,” she beams with pride.

Often requiring her to make recommendations and provide sound analysis on projects she was in charged of, Xingyu is thankful for her rigorous education. “The Financial theories NUS Business School equipped us with gave me an edge over other interns.” Returning back to the firm now in the capacity of an Analyst, her job scope will enlarge, requiring her to take on higher responsibility roles the likes of managing corporate accounts and hedge funds.

Besides active participation in hostel activities, Xingyu had previously gone on an exchange programme to the University of Berkeley, California and participated in the Copenhagen Business Case Competition. Her other vocational work with Intel and the Bank of New York also broaden her experience in different business fields.

Xingyu is confident that “NUS Business School produces students who are all-rounders. Not only do we possess the intellect, we are individuals willing to challenge conventions and take that leap of faith.”

BBA With a Big Heart

A people-person, Mary Jane Liao Hung lands her dream job with Samsung as Associate Executive

Mary Jane Liao Hung
Samsung, Associate Executive

A Logistics major, Mary Jane is ecstatic to join electronics goods maker, Samsung in June 2006 as an Associate Executive in the Human Resources team.

She says that she has her two internships with Allegro Manufacturing and Samsung Asia to thank for. “I am glad that my internships with Allegro and Samsung gave me a glimpse of what HR can do. I realized what a fulfilling and impactful role it is,” says the warm and bubbly Mary Jane who is big on helping others.

As she joins Samsung in June, Mary Jane is enthusiastic to play an integral role in bettering the lives of her colleagues. One of her job responsibilities will include manning the Voice of Employee portal. “You can rest assure I will do my best to attend to every one’s query!” In addition, she will also be in-charged of several training and development projects that she cannot wait to get started on.

In her spare time, she volunteers at a temple giving free tuition to underprivileged kids. Stressing the importance of being a responsible citizen to society, Mary Jane quips, “it is important to find ourselves a good job, but we must also remember to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves along the way.”

Truly, a BBA with a big heart.

Graduating with Class

Brian Matthew Cu
The Boston Consulting Group, Associate

Brian Matthew Cu has barely graduated from NUS Business School in May 2006 when he was hired by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). This was after multiple rounds of interviews with the firm that tested his mental capabilities, quick thinking ability and world-readiness.

With a string of international experiences, Brian has lived in Italy, the United States and Singapore for brief stints in the past three years. The eloquent and well-travelled Filipino attributes his job offer to his varied exposure living and interacting with people abroad. He also carries a motto in life that uplifts him whenever he lacks the motivation ti go on, and that is, “Challenge the status quo. Do not be afraid to stick out like a sore thumb if you know what you are doing is right.”

“BCG’s international presence and consulting expertise was the reason I chose to persistently apply for positions within the organisation,” reveals Brian, who also applied to be considered for their North American team. “When the Singapore offer came knocking, I couldn’t say no. I was very excited to be able to embark on my career with them!”

Brian says he can foresee himself working long-term with BCG because of the very fact that their work culture gels with his personality. “It is hard to find an organisation whose values match what you look for in an employer.” The firm, who only recruits top of the tier graduates each year, was equally impressed with Brian to have offered him a role as an Associate before he graduates!

Besides attachments in Singapore, the BIZ Career Services also actively seeks overseas internship opportunities for our students, to give them the international exposure. Frequent overseas trips are made to places like India, China and Hong Kong, to meet potential recruiters and source potential opportunities for our students.

For those who are game to venture beyond their comfort zone, the experience they gain is invaluable.

A Holistic Learning Experience

Ang An Lian
Tata Group, Mumbai

An Lian had the privilege of going to India on a 2-month internship programme, and came back enriched with diverse experiences one cannot find without venturing beyond one’s comfort zone.

“…an international learning experience is indispensable in [preparing] for the corporate world.”

Tata Group (Tata) is one of the oldest and most respected business conglomerates in India and South Asia. An Lian was posted to one of the group’s companies – Tata Motors Limited (TML), India’s largest private automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturing company; as well the world’s 6th largest commercial vehicle manufacturer – where she was involved in an extensive market research project that took her around India. Consequently, her knowledge of India’s trucking industry and TML’s business operations grew by leaps and bounds.

Evidently appreciative of the extra mile Tata Group went to prepare a value-added internship programme, An Lian shared about their training and networking sessions organized specially for the interns. These sessions nurtured cultural awareness as well as corporate knowledge, particularly in the transportation industry.

“…mutual understanding [is] crucial in sustaining the success of any business dealing.”

On a more personal note, An Lian was struck by the warmth and welcome of the TML team. In building business and social relationships, An Lian quickly adjusted to her foreign environment, found new friends to explore her host country with, and learnt much about the country’s culture. These gave An Lian a revelation, that “mutual understanding is crucial in sustaining the success of any business dealing.”

An Lian’s holistic learning experience has greatly advanced her personal development as well as her understanding of business concepts from an international perspective. For that, she has this to share with fellow undergraduates: Spread your wings and embark on this wonderful journey. Having an international learning experience is indispensable in your preparation for the corporate world.

Equipped To Brave Through All Challenges

Lee Xiang Ling
A China-based consulting and business advisory firm, Shanghai

Xiang Ling completed a year-long internship with a company which provided corporate consultancy to other companies, including multinational enterprises in Greater China, a multi-billion US Dollar pertroleum cooperatives, a Citigroup-affiliated local bank and an automotive conglomerate. From the word go, no honeymoon period was afforded for her to absorb and digest company information, much less client companies’. Yet she braved it all.

In one project – launch of Datamonitor’s ProductScan across 12 Chinese cities – a typical work day involved Xiang Ling exchanging information with counterparts scattered worldwide, briefing agents in provincial areas outside Shanghai, and drafting work plans with the Indian office. Through consulting engagements with China’s core strategic industries, she was challenged to constantly integrate global perspectives with local practices.

Besides exposing Xiang Ling to best practices, the internship also exposed her to working with a diverse group of people – ex-CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, Wall Street investment bankers, attorneys, professors, engineers and even Broadway artistes – giving her the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s finest business individuals. And in observing so many of them congregated in thriving Shanghai, Xiang Ling shared,

“I have learnt that true competitive advantage comes not from the amount of resources available, but from the ability to bring them together for the greater benefit of the organisation.”

Things were not always rosy, though. Sometimes, there were uncertainties and risks. For instance, where Xiang Ling saw room for improving learning or work processes, she bravely questioned conventional ways of doing things. At times, that meant relying on her better judgment to stand by her decision despite challenges like inadequate resources and information. In summation, Xiang Ling said,

“My Shanghai internship experience has trained me through real-world experiences to step out of my comfort zone and think out of the box.”

Opening Door to FMCG Industry

Tran Thi Thao Trang
Unilever, Vietnam

Having been away for a couple of years, Tran Thi Thao Trang’s internship in her homeland gave her new insights into the country she grew up in. More importantly, her stamina and ability to stretch her competencies allowed her to successfully complete her project in the fast-paced FMCG industry.

Thao Trang feels privileged to be among the few interns chosen to join Unilever Vietnam after several grueling rounds of interview and selection. Upon arrival, she was immediately asked to improve the market presence and share of Viso, Vietnam’s second-largest detergent brand. The brand communication project required her to work closely with advertising and media agencies as well as Unilever’s Brand Management team. One of Thao Trang’s key contributions was the conceptualization and execution of project plans, together with Unilever’s Field Sales team.

One particularly interesting advertising campaign to promote Viso rendered her internship truly memorable. It gave her the opportunity to rub shoulders with celebrities who graced the event. Coming back down to earth, Unilever colleagues and interns bonded with one another over Happy Hour Fridays every last Friday of the month, giving Thao Trang first hand experience in the social aspect of business. In that sense, Thao Trung’s internship was a fascinating mix of work and play.

“I believe that continuously challenging myself to greater heights would help me grow and mature into a useful member of the workforce,” shares Thao Trang. This was the very driving force behind Thao Trang’s unwaveringly-positive attitude towards work, and ready adaptation to the many changing demands of business, all throughout her internship at Unilever. Looking forward, Thao Trang is excited about the doors that her Unilever internship has opened for her in the lucrative FMCG industry.

“I was given ample opportunities to develop my own marketing strategies, and to present them to clients.”