For students pursuing the BBA (Accountancy) programme, it is an academic requirement to complete at least 8 weeks of accounting or finance related internship at the end of their second year, or before the modified academic term in their third year. This internship is timed to match the industry peak seasons so as to give students maximum exposure to the real needs of the industry. We have secured 100% internship placement for the pioneer and second batch of students among the Big 4 accounting firms and many other companies. About 80% of accounting students in the inaugural batch accepted priority job offers arising from these internships. For more information on the compulsory internship for BBA (Accountancy) students, please click here.

Through the internship programme, many of our students have landed their dream jobs, way before they graduate. Here are some fine examples:

Trio of internships way before graduation

Lianna Tirta The
BBA (Acc) Honours
Audit Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers

As an accounting student in the pioneer batch, I actively sought out internship opportunities and was attached to Deloitte & Touche and subsequently Ernst & Young for at least two months each during the school vacation before landing an attractive job offer as an Audit Associate with PricewaterhouseCoopers way before graduation.

These internships definitely helped me in my career planning. They affirm that I really like audit. I learnt much about the importance of building strong team spirit and cultivating good relationship with clients through the many audit assignments and field work.

My internship at Deloitte & Touche and Ernst & Young were an amazing experience. Working as an auditor provides me with a lot of learning points not only in terms of technical skills but also in terms of interpersonal skills. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience how it is like working as an auditor. I really value the exposure.

Experiencing the BIG picture at E & Y

Yang Mengtian
BBA (Acc) Honours
Audit Assistant, Ernst & Young

I can still remember how anxious I was to secure an internship for the summer vacation in my second year while I was away for the Student Exchange Programme in UK. I was actively searching for an internship experience prior to embarking on the compulsory internship for accountancy students. By pacing closely with BIZ Career Services, I was fortunate to secure an internship with a medium-sized audit firm, Tan Chan & Partners eventually. Because of this invaluable internship experience, I got the chance to handle audit engagements of SMEs individually and see the big picture of a complete audit engagement clearly. It was challenging in terms of work to be treated like a permanent employee, but I was happy that I could join their monthly billing achievement competition and was awarded a bonus of $1,000 for my good performance during the ten week internship.

The experience in Tan Chan & Partners has provided me with a good understanding of the work flow of an audit engagement and it has helped me a lot when I did my compulsory internship in Ernst & Young subsequently.

In a Big 4 audit firm, team work is very important. The whole team has to work together to achieve the shared goal – quality audit. As an intern, it is common to be asked to perform basic tasks such as filing or vouching at the beginning. However, what I did was to seize every opportunity to learn. For instance, I learned generally the type of information and sections that require documentation and how they are documented through the filing process. Also, by observing the seniors, I learned the skills that are required of a good auditor and what would make one auditor more efficient than the others.

It helps a lot to take the initiative to clarify doubts, to volunteer for assignments and being confident as an NUS accounting student. I am very happy to successfully secure a job with Ernst & Young one year before graduation.