What our Recruiters Say

We are impressed by the quality of students nurtured by NUS who share values as L’Oréal – the entrepreneurial spirit, seeking opportunities to work with passionate and talented individuals, agility and drive, and commitment to success.


Students are generally well-rounded in both academic and non-academic areas; a lot of them are actively involved in CCAs, CSR etc. assuming different roles and responsibilities.


NUS Business School students have good communication skills, have a strong level of maturity and professionalism and demonstrate an eager-to-learn attitude.


NUS Business School has always been one of the bastions by which Shell recruit graduates from yearly. This is evident through the strong volume of NUS graduates that Shell intake each year, alongside the quality work and output that they produce.


NUS Business School students come with a passion for technology, desire to learn and an entrepreneurial spirit which makes them great advocates for driving our transformation. Their global perspective within the rapidly evolving Asian market also enables them to provide innovative solutions to business problems in our customers’ journey towards transforming their business.


NUS Business School Students … are professional, eager to learn, responsible and quite intellectual in their thinking.

Auditor-General’s Office