Whether you are recruiting or reaching out to our students for the first time, or have a long history of hiring them, our office is here to assist you at every step of the recruiting process.

To meet your individual recruiting needs and make the task of identifying the potential candidates simple and easy, we offer the following range of options and services to assist you in accomplishing your goals:

Recruitment Activities On/Off Campus

We will help you to organize your recruitment event, may it be conducted on or off campus. Depending on your needs and requirements, we will assist you in the publicity of the events to attract the right talents, facilitating the registration and seeing through the logistic arrangements.

Industry Talks & Forums

We can work with you and invite experts from your company, to share their experience and knowledge on industry trends, job search techniques and how new job entrants can prepare themselves to enter a chosen field.

This is also a good way to create your presence on-campus and generate greater awareness among the student community.

Advertise Internship and Job Opportunities

We have an online job portal to facilitate the posting and collating of applications for both internships and jobs. Password-secured accounts can be created for you to post your positions and monitor the application progress, anytime, anywhere, at the click of the mouse. Email alerts are sent to students on a daily basis, so that they do not miss the opportunities.

Recruit Hard-to-find Experienced Alumni

Looking for experienced professionals ready to lead your company today? The NUS MBA resume ordering site includes alumni resumes from our elite MBA program. Find matches for your most senior needs with exclusive access to a growing list of our top business leaders. Save yourself thousands in recruiting fees and gain access to an exclusive pool of post-MBA talent by clicking above and ordering access to our online books today.

CV Compilation

We compile the CVs of our graduating class and interning class into a book, so that recruiters can have access to a pool of ready candidates, when a position needs to be filled urgently.

Company Visits

Host groups of students at your organisation’s facilities and provide them with a better understanding of your operations.