One of the most effective ways to identify potential talents with a good fit to your organisation is through the internship programme.

Although internships are not compulsory in the curriculum, our students are aware of the benefits of an internship programme, and many choose to complete more than one internship during their tenure in NUS Business School. This adds value to their studies and prepares them for their career.

If you are interested to participate in our internship programme, please contact us at Our Account Managers will work closely with you to identify talents and to coordinate activities that help you to reach them.

Internship Types

There are two types of internships:

Full-time Internship

This occurs twice a year, in summer (May to Aug each year) and at the end of the year (Dec to Jan of the following year).

Part-Time Internship

You may engage our students during the semester on a part-time basis, taking into consideration their class schedule. International Students in the programme may intern part-time up to a maximum of 16 hours per week, subject to approval from the Dean’s Office.

Timeline for Summer Internship

To get the best candidates, we will encourage you to give us your requests (job descriptions and requirements) as early as possible, preferably before end February.

We will assist you in publicising the internship opportunities to our students and collate the CVs on your behalf. The publicity and collation of CVs will take about one to two weeks.

You can shortlist and interview the candidates after receiving the applications. Once the hiring decision is made, please let us know and we will inform the successful candidate of the offer. Ideally, all offers should be made by end March, as the students will be busy with their exams from mid-April to early May.


10 to 12 weeks during the May to Aug vacation period and four weeks during the December break.