AiTH aims to document and explain the changes taking place in society resulting from AI and how these changes are transforming the way we work, lead and create value for ourselves and future generations.  We address broadly speaking the following themes:

Leadership and authority

Research on this theme seeks answers to the question of how humans will relate to technology if decision-making is given to an AI-based system. What will become of the “humanity” that our institutes and organizations display? Will leadership as we know it disappear, replaced by automated decision-making systems? Or will the unique human characteristics of leadership remain and be used to promote greater efficiency and performance?

Will a power struggle emerge between machine and man, especially so if a common understanding is lacking? To what extent should authority be allowed to be expressed algorithmically?

Augmentation of human capital

Our society, institutions and organizations rely on human capital to build a prosperous future. How can AI and automated systems be used more efficiently to enhance human education, creativity, productivity, well-being, and quality of life?

Using these insights, policy decisions and interventions can be targeted more to assure the sustainable growth of humanity in a technology-driven society.

Trust and ethics

If AI is to benefit society, its functioning will depend on whether humans can trust the new technology. Trust is the social glue of society, and with AI quickly becoming our new co-worker, co-citizen and maybe even authority, it is necessary to understand how trust can be built and promoted between man and machine.

Alongside this we must examine how AI technologies will shape our understanding of the value of ethics. Concerns abound on how AI can be used in ethical ways, but also how to make AI function based on sound ethical principles. Whether or not AI can become sophisticated enough to feel human, questions remain whether it is ethical to replace humans by technology that replicates human emotions and thoughts.

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