Rache Du

Rachel is currently the Chairman and CEO of Cornerstone Education Group, and co-founder of Aeternam Stella Investment Group. Previously she held partner and senior management positions of several investment companies including ChuangJing Capital Management and YinHua Capital, and has more than 10 years of investment and business operations experience. Her business acumen and successful investment in unicorn companies such as DJI and North Ocean Photonics won her the “Most Influential Angel Investor of the Year” award in 2018 (the only female winner of the year). Through her rich experience in the arena of finance and investment, Rachel accumulated outstanding decision-making and management insights which allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary fields of human behavior and social psychology.

Rachel received her undergrad and graduate education in the UK. She holds Master degree of Management from Judge Business School, Cambridge University. One of her dreams has always been to combine the best of international education with the advantages of fundamental Chinese education — to bring out the full potential of each Chinese individual student and prepare them to become a true international citizen in the globalized new era.  Driven by such ambition, in 2017, Rachel decided to leave the financial industry and devote herself to education. Together with her team, she built a modern education group aiming to become the strongest value-driven education brand in China. The name of the group Pu Cheng (in Chinese: 璞珵) drew its meanings from Chinese classic literature, meaning ‘unpolished jade’, hence its English name ‘Cornerstone’.

Because of Rachel’s visionary leadership – believing that AI Technology will play a key role in education and AI-human relations will be an unavoidable subject, AiTH received its initial funding from Cornerstone Education Group.