Artificial Intelligence (AI) is touted as the new hero of our future society. With AI applications on course to match or even surpass the capabilities of human intelligence, this may be no exaggeration. The evolution of AI promises to fundamentally transform how our future society will look and function. It promises many exciting opportunities, yet this development needs to serve a purpose and that purpose must be defined by the goals of humanity. In building our future society, we have an obligation to safeguard the capabilities and values that define humanity – compassion, forgiveness, empathy and pro-active thinking.

We therefore believe that technology cannot and should not be looked upon to guide us. Rather, it is our responsibility as designers, developers and collaborators to guide the development and employment of AI by means of our core set of human values. This responsibility implies that we need to research, explore and educate how to ensure that we, as the ultimate end-user, are able to adopt a human-centred mindset when bringing AI into our daily activities. At AiTH we aim to unite talented researchers, thought leaders, business people and entrepreneurs in a scholarly environment to ensure that the AI we develop today will bring a bright and humane society tomorrow. I invite you all to join us in this exciting adventure.

The Centre on AI Technology for Humankind (AiTH)wishes to express its gratitude to our donor Cornerstone Education Group (璞珵教育集团)whose generous contribution made the establishment of the centre happen. We very much appreciate their anticipating look on society and hope that our collaborative efforts will continue for a long time.

David De Cremer, Founder and Director of the Centre on AI Technology for Humankind


To be Asia’s leading centre for thought leadership ensuring that advances in AI technology improve the human condition through innovative research, education and policy-making.


To develop and promote a human-centred mindset in the engineering of AI technology.

Our Values


Whilst the objective of AI development is to optimise, it raises the risk of promoting a mind-set focused solely on an end goal of perfection. We believe a human-centred society should be accepting and forgiving of failure and demonstrate tolerance. Tolerance allows failures to happen, driving our curiosity to explore solutions that would not otherwise be thought of in a blinkered quest for perfection alone.


Any exploration of technology should serve the well-being of humans and promote the values of compassion, forgiveness, empathy that make us who we are. We believe this humanity should be at the core of developments in AI, so that any change in design of our environment is fitting to our purpose.


As a collective seeking knowledge to help us achieve a technology-empowered world built around human-centric choices, we value diversity in our perspectives and approaches. We consider values of fairness and ethics when assessing the disruptions technology may bring and advocate for treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Mindful automation

We strive to be attentive to the consequences of automation at all levels in our society and organizations. We believe in a reflective and mindful attitude towards studying AI and automation efforts without challenging the notion of what it means to be human.

Broad-minded innovation

By embracing diversity of thought, we aim to create an environment focused on delivering the most creative and human-centred solutions for the advancement of AI technologies. We actively avoid a mind-set where technology innovation is primarily seen as an end in itself and emphasise the broader purpose of innovation for society and all its stakeholders.