The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises amazing opportunities for transforming our lives and the way we work. It will help elevate our human potential in ways we cannot yet see or even imagine. But what are the challenges that lie ahead? Amid the hype and excitement, there is a risk that allowing technology alone to dictate the course of development may bring with it as yet unknown threats to our human condition. At AiTH, we believe that the development of AI technologies must be understood and examined in the context of collaboration and co-creation with humans. Our aim is to study, explore and develop deep insights into how AI technologies should be advanced with human-centred choices, promoting creativity and happiness whilst serving and enhancing human identity.

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Understanding AiTH

AiTH is pronounced as 8th. Reflecting this numerical homonym, the AiTH logo represents two circles in perfect balance between the material and spiritual aspects of human life. Similarly AiTH aims to find the perfect balance to enjoy the benefits and opportunities of AI whilst ensuring these advances serve our human identity and values. In pursuing this balance between technology and humanity, we strive for a process of mindful automation (see our values).