Philanthropy and International Development Assistance
(11 October 2017, Paris, France)

  • Prof Lam Swee Sum presented on “Emerging Philanthropy in Asia”

Strategic Initiative Kick-Off Meeting (Non-Profit Sector) by Tote Board Singapore
(27 July 2017, Singapore)

  • Dr Zhang Weina will be acting as moderator as representative of ACSEP for a discussion on “How Non-Profit Organisations can Work on the “Income” Focus Area to Become More Sustainable”.
  • The meeting was part of Tote Board’s initiative to engage with diverse stakeholders from non-government group, identify key needs through collaborative cross-sector, cross-organizational partnerships, work on identified gaps and sharing their funding interests.

International Behavioural Insights Conference (BX2017 Conference)
(29-30 June 2017, Singapore)

  • Dr Frank Hubers presented a paper on “How Much to Ask for Charity? Experimental Evidence on the Effect of Request Size on Small Charitable Donations”, at the Breakout session on Philanthropy titled “How can Behavioural Insights be Used to Encourage More Charitable Giving?”
  • Dr Zhang Weina was the moderator for the session entitled “Philanthropy”. She discussed the latest research findings by ACSEP on Singapore philanthropy development, key issues and trends.

raiSE Focus Group Meeting
(19 June 2017, Singapore)

  • Dr Zhang Weina participated as representative of ACSEP in their focus group that invited the key stakeholders to openly discuss and evaluate the current state of the Social Enterprise (SE) sector from their own perspectives.

AVPN Conference 2017
(7-9 June 2017, Bangkok, Thailand)

  • Dr Zhang Weina was invited to be a panel speaker on the topic: “Disruptive Innovations in Education” during the AVPN Conference, which was themed “Collaborating for Impact”

ARNOVA Asia Conference 2017
(6-7 June 2017, Beijing, China)

  • Dr Frank Hubers presented his paper “Assessing the impact of social enterprises: An exploration of the methods and criteria used by impact investors and venture philanthropists in Asia" during the ARNOVA Asia Conference Roundtable.
  • Dr Zhang Weina presented her paper “The Reciprocity of Financial and Social Performance in Social Enterprises: Evidence from MFIs” during the ARNOVA Asia Conference.

International Conference on Civic Sphere in East Asia
(27 March 2017, Taiwan)

  • Ooi Yu-Lin presented in Session 2: Gender Activism on “From Invisibility to Power: The Emergence of Chinese Women Philanthropists in Colonial Singapore, 1900-1945” in the Conference organised by Stanford Centre on Philanthropy and Civil Society.

Family Enterprise day at INSEAD: Family Intrapreneurship – A Key to Long-Term Survival
(21 January 2017, Singapore)

  • Yupana Wiwattanakantang presented on “San Miguel: From a Beer Company to the Biggest Business Group in the Philippines”.

Visit from Mahidol University team and Thailand Ministry of Finance
(10 November 2016, Singapore)

  • It featured a presentation by Dr. Weina Zhang from ACSEP and Mahidol University respectively, with avenues for two-way dialogues to learn more about Singapore, NUS’s ecosystem and the best practices for developing social entrepreneurs from ACSEP.

Social Icon 2016 – ChangeGeneration
(11 October 2016, Singapore)

  • Dr Weina Zhang & Laina Greene were invited to speak at the conference.

Transformational Business Network Asia Conference 2016 – Fighting Poverty Through Enterprise
(6-7 September 2016, Singapore)

  • The Conference brought together influential thought-leaders and high-level stakeholders to focus on accelerating impact investment in Southeast Asia.
  • It also provided the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations, to engage with inclusive and high-impact enterprises, and also shape the ecosystem to enable these businesses to scale and Mr Keith Chua, Chairman of ACSEP Advisory Board represented ACSEP as panellist on the discussion panel.

ASEAN Social Entrepreneurship Conference Panel Discussion: The Significance of Social Entrepreneurship in the Context of the ASEAN
(21-22 July 2016, Singapore)

  • A regional platform promoting social entrepreneurship and fostering collaboration in the region where leaders will be encouraged to work in partnership to produce tangible collaborative project proposals within their sector and Ms Laina Greene, Associate Director – Community Development represented ACSEP as panellist.