International Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship 2015

The inaugural International Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship 2015 explored validation, certification and regulation or self-regulation for the sector in the multi-faceted landscape of social enterprises.

The symposium brought together academics and practitioners to discuss the trends, success and impact of social enterprises in providing sustainable, long-term solutions for social issues plaguing society. The discussions addressed the multi-faceted contexts in which social enterprises are developing, which include local and regional socio-economic and institutional contexts; different political, legal and regulatory frameworks; and their location in and across the people, public and private sectors.

The keynote address by Doyle-Bascom, professor of law and public affairs, and Mark Sidel from the University of Wisconsin-Madison provided insights into the different approaches to regulating social enterprises.

A plenary session and six academic papers presented issues grounded in reality and confronting social entrepreneurs, funders and policymakers.

  • An Interdisciplinary Approach to Social Entrepreneurship Definition and Ecosystem Analysis – Barbara Scheck and Lena Lütjens-Schilling
  • Cross-national Million-Dollar Philanthropy and Social Enterprise in the United States and Singapore – Una Osili, Jacqueline Ackerman, and Yanman Li
  • Exploring Scaling Processes, Business Models and Social Innovation in a Non-Supportive Institutional Context: A Multiple Case Study among Dutch Social Enterprise Start-Ups – Joppe Ter Meer and Lucas C. P. M. Meijs
  • A Case Study on SK Happy Narae – the Largest Social Enterprise in South Korea – Rahul Anand, Sung-Jun Park and Jiho Park
  • Asia’s Impact Angels: How Business Angel Investing can Support Social Enterprise in Asia – Rob John
  • Making Sense of Social Enterprises in Singapore: A Loop Learning Process – Swee-Sum Lam, David Jeremiah Seah, and Weina Zhang


Mark Sidel
Doyle-Bascom Professor of Law and Public Affairs
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA


Matthew Spacie
Founder and Executive Chairman,
Magic Bus, India
Ken Ito
Visiting Senior Researcher
SFC Research Institute,
Keio University, Japan
Patsian Low
Head of DBS Foundation
Saša Vucinic
Co-Founder and Managing Partner at North Base Media
Indie Voices Project
Swee Sum Lam (Moderator)
Director of ACSEP, Associate Professor of Finance
National University of Singapore, Singapore