Strategic Philanthropy and Effective Giving

The past decades have recorded significant growth in Asian philanthropic activities. More people and institutions are donating time and money to public causes. With this research and educational programme, ACSEP aims to understand and teach how these voluntary gifts can deliver a greater social impact.

Effective giving is giving to charities or public goods that generate the highest possible social impact by optimising social welfare with voluntary resources. Strategic philanthropy is a topic closely related to effective giving, but focuses more on ‘professional’ philanthropists such as foundations and non-profit organisations.

The Strategic Philanthropy and Effective Giving programme consists of closely related research and educational activities, including:

  • Surveying research on the cultural and relational drivers of philanthropy in Singapore
  • Analysing experimental studies exploring decision-making in philanthropy
  • Developing workshop series for corporate foundations (in cooperation with Temasek Trust Foundation)
  • Conducting executive training programmes
  • Developing guide books on effective giving

Exploring Family Philanthropy in Singapore

21 January 2019

Temasek Trust Corporate Giving Workshop #2: Strategy

24 August 2018

Temasek Trust Corporate Giving Workshop #1: Partnership

23 March 2018

Learning by Giving at NUS

19 November 2014

Exploring Family Philanthropy in Singapore
June Lee
Philanthropic Foundations in Asia: Insights from Singapore, Myanmar and China
Pauline Tan and Swee-Sum Lam
Overview of Charity Sector in Singapore: 2007-2013
Alfred Koh, Swee-Sum Lam and Weina Zhang
Does Showing Poverty Affect Donations? An Experiment on Redistribution and Giving in Singapore
Frank Roeland Hubers
Framing the Roots of Philanthropy
Swee-Sum Lam, Gabriel Henry Jacob and David Jeremiah Seah
Venture Capital Practices: Do They Matter for the Expected Performance of Social Investment Funds?
Swee-Sum Lam, Siew Meng Leong and Sze Min Lek