The Crossing the Chasm Challenge Final, held on the 17th of August 2017, showcased a three month culmination of diligence and engagement between student teams and social enterprises, to co-create innovative solutions that enhanced and advanced the marketing plans of the pioneering social enterprise. The downpour did little to dampen the moods of the finalists, as the students took to the stage, with a passion for good and a hope for change. The 6 finalist teams pitched their marketing proposals before a distinguished panel of judges, beginning with an in-depth analysis of the social enterprise and an understanding of the market conditions it was situated in. The teams proceeded to present their proposed solutions, creatively tailored to meet the specific needs of their social enterprise. The teams left the judges impressed with their rigor in analysis, critical depth and creative insight. Their hard work paid off, as they walked away with prizes in recognition of their work and efforts.

Yet, beyond the awards, the teams shared that it had been a meaningful journey, having learned much and grown. Their work goes beyond the final, as their pioneering social enterprises adopt and implement the plans they had co-create and developed. To the end of a chapter and to the beginning of the next. We hope that seeds of change have been planted for better tomorrow.


Category: Regional

Team: DELTA SQUAD - $6,000
(Gina Ng, Edison Daniel Lim Jun Bin, Gao Tian, Ankita Sanjeev Jinkal)

Color Silk Pte Ltd: S$12,000

Category: Local

Team: HATCH - $4,500
(Li Xinyi, Victor Zhu, Kaitlyn Ho)

E & I Food Concepts: S$10,000


Category: Regional

Team: SLZW - $6,000
(Tan Wan Ting, Cheng Zheng Yang, Koh Wei Shan, Lucas Tan Jen Sen)

DU'ANYAM: S$10,000

Category: Local

Team: EMERALD - $3,000
(Zhan Nan Xin, Vanessa Neo Rui Si)

Bliss Restaurant: S$7,000


Category: Regional

Team: - $3000
(Sarah Lim, Chew Yee Wei, Tan Ting Jie, Muhammad Khairin Bin Llias)

MA TE SAI: S$8,000

Category: Local

Team: SPERA - $1,500
(Tan Jin Hui Jasmine, Cheong Joo Yee, Kellin Er Kai Lin)

Society Staples: S$5,000


Category: Local

Team: HATCH - $1,000
(Li Xinyi, Victor Zhu, Kaitlyn Ho)

"The Crossing The Chasm Challenge was conceived in 2016 as an initiative to build capacity in the social eco-system in Singapore and beyond in Asia. It is designed to bring together corporates, social enterprises and tertiary students to be change-agents for good. 

We want to develop a new generation of business leaders who are not only sensitized to social and environmental concerns but are also trained to engender systemic change where there are market or government failures. CCC hopes to catalyse resources for many other social enterprises that are challenged in crossing this developmental gap." 

Lam Swee Sum Director, Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy, Associate Professor of Finance, NUS Business School