Invest in Us

We seek funding partners who will join us in achieving our vision and realising our mission across Asia. The following list of opportunities is not exhaustive and we are happy to explore your area of interest.

At ACSEP, we place great value in tapping the expertise and shared experiences of practitioners in the field of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Your support will create opportunities for our students and partners to network with and learn from these practitioners.

This is a series of workshops that advances the practice of philanthropy. It is focused on the “hows” in the practice of philanthropy. Your support will leverage the resources of those who are able and willing to give with more impact, to meet unmet social needs.

Your gift could go towards a named endowed professorship in the practice of philanthropy or social entrepreneurship, attracting and retaining the most outstanding academics in the field to serve the university and the community. The funding will also enable the named professor to give lectures in Singapore and overseas to promote our centre and its activities, attend conferences and seminars, and purchase materials that advance the study and practice of philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

We recognise the critical role that scholar leaders and the best minds play in shaping and crafting the centre’s strategic position for social entrepreneurship and philanthropic research. That is why we are investing our resources to attract the best in the field to join us. Your gift will ensure that we become the benchmark of excellence in basic and applied research in this area.

At ACSEP, scholarly research and the publication of papers and monographs highlight the Centre’s quality of work and its ability to provide comprehensive and reliable databases enabling effective research. Not only will these studies add value to these fields of human endeavour they will also provide new ideas for collaboration and further exploration.

Our grant-giving databases form a collection of financial data and profiles of all the private grant-giving foundations, trusts, and family or clan organisations in Singapore. It will ultimately expand to cover Asia. These databases will provide information such as the historical origins of grants and provide insight into the trends and impact of grant making. Your gift will help ensure that our faculty, researchers, students and partners continue to have quick and easy access to comprehensive information.

A case series allows us to document leading examples of projects and organisations in philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. This type of information is useful to practitioners, investors, philanthropists, family business networks and institutions that offer advice and provide wealth management.


We welcome collaboration opportunities and support for our research efforts to advance understanding and impactful practice of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. If you are interested in collaborating with us or funding our research efforts, please contact us at