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Global Payments & International Trade Instruments in Transaction Banking
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Course Objective

Recent regulatory changes on capital adequacy ratios of banks have persuaded banks to shift their business resources towards higher return-on-assets services such as Transaction Banking. At the same time, the emergence of Fintech and new technologies have compelled banks and global payment infrastructures to innovate in order to compete in terms of speed and user experience. This 2-day course provides the participants a fundamental understanding of the local and the international payment infrastructure, enabling participants to understand how banks moves money in-country and cross-border, and the recent innovations that have taken place. It will also provide an introduction to the terms of payments that facilitate international trades, such as documentary collection and letters of credit, and the trade solutions that banks provide to help mitigate risks for importer and exporter of goods. Some of the latest Fintech and technological ideas that have moved into the international payment and trade spaces will also be covered. An overview of the business of banking will be provided to give context to the content and understanding to the participants about how banks organize themselves to serve the needs of the market.

Targeted Job Roles

Aspiring Bankers, Banking Executives, Consumer/Commercial Bankers, Corporate Treasury Executives, Finance Executives, Fintech Executives, Financial Services Executives, Business Managers, and anyone who finds the knowledge of global payments or trades helpful to their work and business.

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