Have you ever wondered whether individuals born in the year of the Dragon are truly blessed? Or why you can’t find a taxi when you need one? What about superstitious influences on housing prices?

Three NUS professors decided to share their research findings on these issues by going out of their comfort zone to weave a story in conversational English so that their findings can be shared with and benefit Singaporeans. Kiasunomics© explores these issues and more in a series of stories through the lens of Teng, the protagonist of this book.

Using simple economic logic, the book follows the life journey of Teng — from birth to adulthood — and examines how seemingly innocuous decisions bear economic consequences on his life. It starts with the decision by Teng’s parents to have him as a Dragon baby and shows how this decision affects not only his education but also career and spending in the long term. The grown-up Teng in later chapters, is a taxi driver who

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learns that the daily budgeting of finances has proven to be poor financial planning. The story also shows how his purchase of a flat based on superstitious beliefs, and its location near a primary school and Mass Rapid Transit station influences prices, and with some surprising results.

This book touches the man on the street with issues that many Singaporeans can identify with. These include how Singaporeans’ shopping in Johor affects their spending and savings; how different shoppers respond variedly to predictable promotions such as the Great Singapore Sale; how the haze or a mere nearby construction site affects water and electricity consumption; how playing golf elevates women’s opportunities to sit on the corporate board; how what Singaporeans look for in public transportation affects their travel patterns; and how retirement poses financial challenges in silver years. These and many more are unravelled in the 20 stand-alone chapters through the authors’ application of their research findings to day-to-day issues.

Kiasunomics© brings to light that research can be made relevant to our daily living. Research helps us make sense of what we do and with that, we can learn to make better decisions for a smarter thinking nation.

About the Authors
Sumit Agarwal
Visiting Professor of Finance
NUS Business School
  Ang Swee Hoon
Associate Professor of Marketing
NUS Business School
  Sing Tien Foo
Associate Professor and Deputy Head (Admin & Finance)
NUS Department of Real Estate; Director
Institute of Real Estate Studies
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