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Three leading Asian universities jointly launch first-ever double degree S3 Asia MBA
Press Release
26 February 2008
For Immediate Release
1. Imagine experiencing the pulse of life in the dynamic cities of Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore while pursuing a double degree MBA that is global in scope yet with a focus on business in Asia. The S3 Asia MBA was launched on 26 Feb 2008 at a signing ceremony held at Korea University Business School. The programme will kick off from Sep 2008 with an initial intake of about 60 students from all over the world.

2. The S3 Asia MBA is the result of the S3 University Alliance established among
three leading Asian universities - Fudan University, Korea University and National University of Singapore - on 19 May 2006. The collaborative agreement was signed by the presidents of the three universities, and was witnessed by Singapore's Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

3. The inaugural S3 Asia MBA will provide students with a global business
education that will prepare them for senior leadership positions in major business locations in Asia and the world. It is the only programme of its kind in the world, and offers the unique advantage of being a coherent programme of study, business and cultural exposure to three dynamic economies in Asia - an unique and path-breaking venture.

S3 Asia MBA customized for Asia's needs

4. The rapid growth of many Asian economies not only creates unique business opportunities but also present numerous challenges posed by significant economic, cultural, institutional and socio-political differences. As such, a new generation of business leaders with global knowledge and in-depth understanding of business in Asia is required to manage the complexities of conducting business in Asia.

5. Few universities in Asia have the research and teaching capabilities to offer programmes that provide the depth of theoretical and practical education that is required for Asian business managers. The S3 Asia MBA jointly offered by the three universities is thus specially customized to provide the depth of Asian business education required by managers of today.

6. The three universities share the same vision and passion to bring the S3 Asia MBA to the world of business by sharing its successful years of experience in education. Korea University Business School will be the central office for the S3 Asia MBA Programme. Uniqueness of the S3 Asia MBA

7. The double degree offered by the S3 Asia MBA enables the MBA graduate to obtain one home degree and either of the two host degrees, based on his/her preference.

8. Structured as a tightly integrated tri-semester curriculum, the programme commences with the first semester in Shanghai, followed by the second in Seoul and ends with the third in Singapore.

9. Students enrolled in the S3 Asia MBA will have the unique opportunity to study and live in each of these three exciting Asian cities, allowing them to acquire acute business management foundations while learning unique cultural and socio-political insights. Another appeal of the S3 Asia MBA is the networking possibilities provided by not one, but three major and high-profile alumni networks from the three leading Asian Universities. Students will get direct exposure to business and public sector leaders, and conduct first-hand visits and industry visits in at least three countries.

10. A key strength of the S3 Asia MBA lies largely in its high-calibre professors who hail from top-notch universities from around the world. As the faculties of School of Management, Fudan University, Korea University Business School and NUS Business School are renowned for their top-tier research output, case development and extensive industry experience and superb teaching capabilities, students will benefit from the S3 Asia MBA faculty members who were specially selected for their outstanding track record in industry and consulting. The location of the Schools and the S3 Asia MBA in three of the most dynamic cities in the world is a key advantage and adds a dimension to the programme that cannot be replicated by any other MBA programme.

11. "The uniqueness of the S3 Asia MBA will give business leaders an in-depth understanding of the challenges and complexities of business in Asia, and of the historical opportunities available for firms We expect the programme to emerge a leading MBA programme that is particularly attractive for leaders interested in the region" - this is shared vision of the three business school deans, Dean and Professor Xiongwen Lu, School of Management, Fudan University (FDSM), Dean and Professor Hasung Jang, Korea University Business School (KUBS) and Interim Dean and Professor Kulwant Singh, NUS Business School.

12. Leveraging on the unique strengths of Asia's three leading business schools, the S3 Asia MBA will undoubtedly make waves in the business education industry and is poised to produce the next generation of movers and shakers for the global business community.

The S3 University Alliance

The S3 University Alliance involving Fudan University (FDU), Korea University (KU) and National University of Singapore (NUS) was signed on 19 May 2006, marking a milestone in the development of closer collaboration among the three universities. S3 denotes the cities anchoring the universities, Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore.

The research and education programmes initiated under S3 UA are globally oriented, with a significant focus on Asia. As a globally-oriented association with the goal of developing research and education programs within the three cities and universities, S3 UA aims to tap the potential of the 3 cities and universities, monitor education trends and developments in Asia that will impact S3 UA and its programmes, and achieve international recognition for S3 UA and its programmes.

Established in 1965, NUS Business School is known for its focus in providing management thought leadership from an Asian perspective, enabling our students and corporate partners to leverage on the best global knowledge and deep Asian insights to drive business growth in Asia and around the world. This combination of global knowledge and Asian insights is reflected in all aspects of its research, teaching and industry outreach. As Asia's Global Business School, NUS Business School is a leading authority on business in Asia.

The School has consistently received top rankings in the Asia-Pacific region by independent publications and agencies, such as Financial Times, Economist Intelligence Unit, and QS Top MBA, in recognition of the quality of its programmes, faculty's research as well as graduates. The School is accredited by AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), an endorsement that the School has met the highest standards for business education.

The School has top research faculty that is close to practice; more than 2,500 BBA, MBA, Executive MBA, and PhD students; more than 2,000 annual participants in Executive Education programmes; and over 45,000 alumni in diverse organisations and positions of leadership throughout the world.

Since the Korea University Business School (KUBS) was established in 1905, it has grown by leaps and bounds, developing a reputation for excellence by providing students with up-to-date business knowledge and training for leadership in the business world.

KUBS' outstanding faculty, curriculum, programmes and research centres offer a wealth of opportunities, disciplines and experiences for KUBS students' outreach to the world and international students' in-depth acquaintance with Korean corporate culture. KUBS academics, all possessing PhD qualifications from leading business schools, make up the world-class faculty team, which is also the largest business school faculty in Korea. As cutting-edge researchers and experts in their respective fields, the faculty keeps students up-to-date with the latest in global thinking and advances in development.

KUBS has many great achievements and is consistently ranked as one of the top business schools in Korea as well as worldwide. KUBS MBA program is ranked No.1 in Korea for two consecutive years by the Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development. KUBS is first and the only Business School in Korea to receive accreditations from both AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System). It also recognized highly for its number of publications in top-tier journals.

With over 35,000 alumni, KUBS has produced the largest number of the nation's top leaders such as Myeong Park Lee, President of the Republic of Korea, a hallmark of the school's excellent education in management theories and practices.

The century-old Fudan University, one of the oldest established higher education institutions in China to build an education platform for Business Administration, created its business discipline as early as 1917.

It is the first institution of higher learning in China to set up a department of business education, After the reform and open-door was implemented in China, Fudan University has grown into one of top-class educational institution and has taken shape as a modern international business School. In research, the School has made remarkable achievement since her establishment and has been awarded including state-level First Prize for R&D Progress and state-level First Prize for Excellent Education Accomplishment for its MBA programmes.

Today, FDSM is well-recognized for its high standard of schooling and education environment. Its 20,000 graduates, many of whom are leaders from various fields, hail from all over the world. The strong alumni network is a communication platform for FDSM's development and alumni's lifelong learning.

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For further information, please contact:

Ms Jennifer Wang
Associate director, Promotion and Development Center,
School of Management, Fudan University
Tel: (86) 21 6510 1091

Ms Bina Ok
Program Manager, S3 Asia MBA
Korea University Business School
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Ms Adeline Leong
Manager, Corporate Development & Communications
NUS Business School
National University of Singapore
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