Disclosures on risk management 'strong'

2 August 2017 - The Business Times

THE past two years have seen significant growth in the scope and coverage of the Singapore Governance and Transparency Index (SGTI).

Commentary: Allowing themselves to be conned? Why superstitious victims fall prey to scams

2 August 2017 - Channel NewsAsia

Scammers who prey on those who believe in superstitions are tapping on deep-seated human tendencies.

ITCAN is making a name in competitive IT field

1 August 2017 - The Business Times

MANY individuals are intimidated by the thought of leaving their stable jobs to dive into the fast-paced tech industry, but not Amit Sujan, chief executive officer of ITCAN Pte Ltd.

Preparing business students for a volatile uncertain world

31 July 2017 - The Straits Times

August marks the start of a new academic year and, for university freshmen, a new juncture that is both exciting and daunting.

What is a Reit?

30 July 2017 - The Sunday Times

A real estate investment trust (Reit) is an investment trust, similar to mutual funds and unit trusts in that it pools funds from public investors (unit holders) to invest primarily in property such as malls, office buildings and hotels.