Choi Dongwon

Current PhD Student
NUS Business School, Department of Management & Organisation

The most impressive aspect of NUS Business School is its culture of collaboration among faculty members. Through frequent interaction with them, I learned invaluable lessons regarding research methods and philosophies. By interacting with the invited scholars, I obtained fruitful feedback on my research projects. Overall, NUS has provided a conducive environment for me to develop as a researcher.

Navid Asgari

Assistant Professor
Strategy & Statistics
Gabelli School of Business
Fordham University

The doctoral programme at NUS Business school was challenging, yet rewarding. Rigorous coursework, world-class faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities will bring out the best in you.

Combine these with the experience of living in Singapore and you will realise that being trained at NUS Business School is one of the best decisions you will make.

Sankalp Chaturvedi

Associate Professor
Organisational Behaviour & Leadership
Business School
Imperial College London

Intellectually stimulating, international and supportive - these words encompass my experience of the NUS PhD programme as a whole. The structural design of the programme was intellectually invigorating and challenging, and made sure that we are internationally competitive. We were learning from renowned international scholars and students. And finally, NUS gave me access to one of the best supportive environments (scholarships, conference funding, etc.) to enable learning. The whole experience was truly exceptional and has given me a lifelong memory to cherish. I am proud to be an NUS alumnus.