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Fee Structure

NUS Fees : S$34,000
PKU Fees : RMB 100,000
Total Fees : S$54,000 (estimated)
NUS Acceptance Fee : S$5,000 (will be credited towards the
payment of The NUS MBA tuition fees)
PKU Confirmation Deposit: RMB 10,000 (will be refunded after
enrollment into the program)
PKU Application fees: RMB 800 (non-refundable, and payable after
application to PKU)

Fees for Peking University are payable in a lump sum while fees for NUS are payable over two semesters irregardless of full time or part time IMBA.

* The Universities reserve the right to revise the fees as appropriate.
* Note that a non-refundable amount of S$5000 will be charged as acceptance fee upon taking up the NUS Offer of Admissions. This amount will be credited towards the payment of tuition fee for the first semester.



Estimated Living Expenses in Beijing

In addition to the tuition fees, international candidates can expect to incur the following expenses in Beijing.



Items Monthly Semester
University accommodation (on campus) -
Shao Yuan
Private accommodation (off campus) S$500 - S$1000  
Other Expenses
Food - University canteens S$300 - S$350  
Transportation (for off-campus residents) S$150  
Incidental / Contingency expenses S$420  
Books and Stationery   S$150
Return airfare: SIN - BJ - SIN   S$900


Estimated Living Expenses in Singapore
Items Monthly Semester
University accommodation (on campus)
- Price George's Park
S$640 - S$800  
University accommodation (on campus) - Gillman Heights S$240 - S$300  
Private accommodation (off campus) - Off-Campus
Accomodation System (
S$250 onwards  
Other Expenses
Food - University canteens S$350  
Transportation (for off-campus residents) S$100  
Incidental / Contingency expenses S$400  
Books and Stationery   S$200
Medical Insurance (University Student Policy)   S$29.62