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Call for Papers

Fourth Singapore International Conference on Finance

Fri, 09 and Sat, 10 July 2010

 Organized by

NUS Business School





1.                  Introduction


The NUS Business School, National University of Singapore, invites submissions of papers for the Fourth Singapore International Conference on Finance to be held in Singapore on Fri, 09 and Sat, 10 July 2010.  This is an annual global conference designed to bring together a select group of scholars to discuss their research results. 



2.                  Paper Submission and Selection Process


Authors are welcome to submit papers on any aspect of finance.  The organizer will only consider papers which have not been published or have not been accepted for publication. Preference will be given to papers which have not been presented or accepted for presentation in other major conferences.  All papers will undergo a blind review process under the supervision of the Paper Review Committee, and a decision will be made known to authors of all papers from 30 March 2010 onwards.

A paper presenter may be required to serve as a discussant for other papers presented at the conference.



3.                  Financial Assistance


For paper presenters requiring financial assistance, the conference organizer will defray their economy class airfare up to USD2,000 and provide accommodation for three nights at the conference official hotel.



4.                  Deadline


The deadline for the submission of papers to the Conference is 22 January 2010, 3am Eastern Standard Time (North America).  Please logon to Social Science Research Network (SSRN) dedicated website, to submit your paper.



5.                  Program Review Committee


Alexander Ljungqvist (New York University), Andrew Karolyi (Ohio State University),  Avanidhar Subrahmanyam (UCLA Anderson School of Management), Bruce D. Grundy (University of Melbourne), Charles Lee (Stanford University), Chuan Yang Hwang (Nanyang Technological University), Darius Miller (Southern Methodist University), David Hirshleifer (University of California, Irvine), Francesca Cornelli (London Business School), Frank Warnock (University of Virginia), Gordon Phillips (University of Maryland), Guofu Zhou (Washington University), Henrik Bessembinder (University of Utah), John Griffin (University of Texas, Austin), Joseph Fan (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Jun-Koo Kang (Nanyang Technological University), Kalok Chan, (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Laura Starks (University of Texas, Austin), Marti Subrahmanyam (New York University), Michael Lemmon (University of Utah), Paolo Fulgheri (University of North Carolina), Philip Dybvig (Washington University), Ravi Jagannathan (Northwestern University), Sudipto Dasgupta (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Tarun Chordia (Emory University), Thomas J Chemmanur (Boston College), Thomas Noe (Oxford University).     


6.                  Organizing Committee


Allaudeen Hameed (Department of Finance, NUS) - Co-chair

Takeshi Yamada (Saw Centre, NUS) - Co-chair

Anand Srinivasan (Department of Finance, NUS)

Joseph Cherian (Centre for Asset Management Research and Investments, NUS)


7.                  Conference Secretariat


4th SICF

DID: 65-6516-4552 / 4165
Fax: 65-6874-5834



8.                  Other Information


Information on the Third Conference can be found at .