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Peking University

One of China's greatest resources is its intellectual capital that is concentrated in the century-old Peking University in Beijing. Founded in the tradition of respect for learning and dedicated to the advancement of China's modernization, the University's influence and presence is felt within and beyond the borders of China. As the nation's most prestigious academic institution, Peking University (PKU) has as its mission to become one of the world's best twenty-first century universities. Its goal is to provide the academic programs, research opportunities, policy initiatives, and global cooperation to support the internal growth of the People's Republic of China and its expanding participation in the world economy.

Located in Beijing's western suburbs, near the beautiful Yuan Ming Yuan and the famous Summer Palace, the University houses advanced research institutes and centers, state-of-the-art laboratories, a world-renowned library, and classroom facilities that combine the beauty of classical Chinese architecture with the latest technological tools.

PKU is the paramount academic institution in China. Its faculty members and students have impacted directly or indirectly every level of society -- legal, political, literary, scientific, social, philosophical, and cultural. They have been instrumental in propelling China towards a comprehensive modernization. Their contributions include extensive involvement in China's economic and financial reforms, and in innovative scientific and medical research applications. PKU has been a pioneer in every social change of China. It has gained an international reputation for leading research in areas such as economics, management and science. The University is proud of its part in educating China's most prominent social, business, and political leaders. With its outstanding faculty and modern campus, PKU can take its pick from the very best applicants in China and from abroad.



Guanghua School of Management

Guanghua School of ManagementThe Guanghua School of Management offers the most comprehensive range of quality programs available at any high-class university or business school in Asia today. Established in December 1993 by merging the Department of Economics and Management, School of Economics, and Center of Management Science, Guanghua was originally called the Peking University Business School. The name was changed in 1994 to honor a generous donation from the Guanghua Education Foundation in Hong Kong.

Just as China itself is in a dynamic state of change, the School is constantly researching the challenges facing the future of world economies. Through inventive educational initiatives, it enables its graduates to successfully develop and implement responsible and innovative business solutions.

Guanghua has extensive collaboration and exchange programs with leading international institutions such as the Kellogg Graduate School of Management of Northwestern University, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Stanford Business School. Our International MBA (IMBA) Program, in cooperatioin with the National University of Singapore, is unique in being conducted bi-lingually and offering MBA degrees from both PKU and NUS for qualified students.

Ably staffed by over 70 full-time faculty members, Guanghua offers serious doctoral research, specialized MBA programs and undergraduate programs. Off campus, it provides customized in-house training for large multi-national corporations and Chinese companies. With its national and international reputation, Guanghua attracts the most talented applicants nationwide. Its graduates are well placed in large business corporations, governmental agencies, and non-profit institutions.
The Guanghua School of Management is at the center of an information-rich infrastructure. In addition to a state-of-the-art computer lab and a library, the Guanghua Building's classrooms, offices, and conference rooms are linked using a comprehensive computer network system complete with access to the Internet worldwide.

With its modern, low-rise buildings in a campus of sculptured green lawns and beautiful gardens, and with its superior academic programs, the Guanghua School of Management is well-positioned to welcome students of all nations who are interested in pursuing excellence at a world recognized university.