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Undergraduate Courses

Semester 1 (Academic Year 2014/2015)

MNO1001 Management and Organisation  (A/Prof Audrey Chia, Dr Wu Pei Chuan, Dr Chia Ho Beng, Visiting Prof Audrey Tsui)
MNO1001X Management and Organisation (Lecture/Tutorial)  (Ms Usa Skulkerewathana)
MNO2007 Leadership and Ethics (Dr Irene de Pater, Assoc Prof Daniel McAllister and Dr William Koh)
MNO2009 Entrepreneurship (Assoc Prof Sarah Cheah & Dr Vivek Tandon)
MNO2302 Human Resource Management  (Ms Chee Mew Leng
MNO3301 Organisational Behaviour  (Dr Jayanth Narayanan)
MNO3303 Organisational Effectiveness (A/Prof Chung Chi-Nien)
MNO3320 Managing Change (Mr Peter Ong)
MNO3322 Negotiations and Bargaining (Dr Chia Ho Beng)
MNO3330 Social Entrepreneurship (Assoc Prof Albert Teo)
MNO4313E SIMHC: Managerial and Organizational Cognition (Dr Krishna Savani)
Global Management of Asian Multinationals (Visiting Prof Audrey Tsui)                            
Job Demands and Experiences: Effects on Behaviour and Well Being (Prof Remus Ilies)

Semester 2 (Academic Year 2014/2015)

MNO1001 Management and Organisation (Sectional) (Dr Fang Ruolian / Ms Indira Pant / Dr Jeanine Porck / Ms Harminder C Rajan)
MNO1001X Management and Organisation (Lecture/Tutorial) ( Ms Indira Pant / Mr Mathew Linus)
MNO2007 Leadership and Ethics (Ms Usa Skulkerewathana, Ms Chee Mew Leng and Dr William Koh )
MNO2009 Entrepreneurship (Assoc Prof Sarah Cheah / Dr Erin Scott
MNO2302 Human Resource Management (Dr Wu Pei Chuan)
MNO3301 Organisational Behaviour (A/Prof Audrey Chia)
MNO3303 Organisational Effectiveness (Dr Heeyon Kim)
MNO3322 Negotiation and Bargaining (Dr Chia Ho Beng)
MNO3313J Employee and Organisational Misbehaviours (A/P Vivien Lim)   
MNO3313K Managing the China Venture (Visiting Prof Audrey Tsui)
MNO3331 Business with a Social Conscience (A/Prof Audrey Chia)
MNO4313D SIMHC: Corporate Entrepreneurship (Assoc Prof Sarah Cheah)
MNO4313H SIMHC: Job Attitudes (Prof Richard Arvey)
MNO4314 Consulting to Management (Dr Chia Ho Beng)

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